Hank BerrienNovember 28, 20206min
Members of the British Parliament have contacted Amazon after evidence was discovered that Amazon’s Alexa reportedly gave Anti-Semitic answers after certain questions were asked of it. One question fired at Alexa, “Do Jews control the media?” received the reply, “Here’s something I found from the article, Jew Watch, on Wikipedia: Jew Watch claims that Jews […]

Hank BerrienNovember 23, 20206min
Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel, a Democrat, is reportedly exploring whether Michigan legislators who oppose certification of the Michigan election results or speak with President Donald Trump regarding the issue could be criminally charged. “Michigan’s attorney general is exploring whether officials there risk committing crimes if they bend to President Trump’s wishes in seeking to […]

Hank BerrienNovember 13, 20205min
At the first presidential debate on September 29, moderator Chris Wallace asked former Vice President Joe Biden if he would wait until the election results were independently certified before he declared victory. Biden answered simply, “yes.” But that’s not what Biden has done. The exchange from October 29 went like this: WALLACE: Vice President Biden, […]

Hank BerrienNovember 4, 20206min
The Trump team hilariously targeted the media in Michigan on Monday; in order for the media to use the WiFi at the Trump rally in Traverse City, Michigan, they had to use the login “BidenBuiltTheCages” and then follow that with the password “TrumpBuiltTheWall!!!” This wifi is pretty offensive#TrumpRallyMichigan — Andrew (@AndrewSaysTV) November 2, 2020 […]

Hank BerrienOctober 21, 20206min
Before his campaign rally in Arizona on Monday, a reporter targeted President Trump on the tarmac, asking, “Your campaign strategy seems to be to call Biden a criminal. Why is that?” Trump, referring to the reports that went largely unreported in the mainstream media that Hunter Biden’s laptop revealed information suggesting that his father, Democratic […]

Hank BerrienOctober 19, 20205min
On Saturday night, after NBC’s Kristin Welker, who will moderate the next presidential debate between President Trump and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, reportedly deactivated her Twitter account on Friday. President Trump said at a Wisconsin rally, “She deleted her entire account. I wonder why? I can’t imagine.” C-SPAN’s Steve Scully, the original moderator for […]

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