John NolteNovember 20, 20205min
Only 50 percent of likely voters say the 2020 election was not stolen by Democrats, while 47 percent said it is likely Democrats stole the election. There are polls and then there are poLoLs. Fox News, New York Times/ Siena, Washington Post/ABC, Quinnipiac, NBC/Marist, Reuters/Ipsos, Monmouth, Politico/Morning Consult… Those are all poLols — totally useless […]

John NolteNovember 9, 20203min
Far-left Slate joined the Democrats’ and media’s growing calls for recrimination against Trump supporters with an editorial demanding Senior White House adviser Stephen Miller be imprisoned: But [Stephen Miller’s] also a man. And like all men who commit crimes against humanity, he should be imprisoned by the society he wounded, forever prevented from spreading his […]