Lawrence RichardJune 18, 20213min
Former President Donald Trump will begin his Make America Great Again rallies starting next week with an event in Ohio. The campaign-style event was announced by Trump’s Save America PAC and will be the former president’s first rally since leaving the White House. “President Trump’s first of many appearances in support of candidates and causes […]

Lawrence RichardJune 13, 20215min
Former President Donald Trump released a statement outlining several examples of claims that he says he was falsely maligned for and has now been vindicated on. In a pair of emails, Trump said he was “right about everything” leading up to the election and that legacy media outlets had disingenuously “lied” about his claims to […]

Lawrence RichardJune 11, 20213min
Unemployment benefits handed out by the federal government over this past year may have been largely stolen by criminals. As much as half of the coronavirus-related stimulus aid intended for people in the United States never reached them, according to some new estimates. Instead, it was pocketed by crime syndicates who mostly took the money […]

Lawrence RichardMay 30, 20216min
Real Time host Bill Maher defended Israel on his show and criticized the “liberal media” for its “one-sided” reporting of the Israel-Gaza conflict. “We’ve become this country now that we’re kind of one-sided on this issue,” Maher said Friday on the first episode of his show since testing positive for the coronavirus. “One of the […]