Paul BoisJanuary 19, 20216min
Guardians of the Galaxy” director James Gunn and actor Dave Bautista have accused Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) of betraying America and committing treason for challenging the 2020 Electoral College votes. “You incited an insurrection by spreading lies you knew were lies & that you’re a traitor to your country [Ted Cruz], you freakish frog-chlamydia hybrid?” […]

Paul BoisDecember 8, 20205min
During a time when multiple cop shows and even sit-coms are adopting Black Lives Matter sloganeering, CBS’ “Blue Bloods” bucked that trend by choosing to side with the police for once. According to Newsbusters, the show’s December 4 episode “Triumph Over Trauma” went as far to reject the charge of “systemic racism” in the NYPD. […]

Paul BoisNovember 17, 20205min
Never one to pass up an opportunity to scold the woke scolds, comedian Tim Allen trolled leftists on Twitter with a quote from Karl Marx. placeholder In a tweet on Friday, Allen demonstrated what an “honest progressive position” looks like by highlighting a few Marxian principles that might have escaped their minds’ eyes. Finally an […]

Paul BoisNovember 3, 20206min
Michigan native Kid Rock, whose real name is Robert James Ritchie, praised GOP Senate candidate John James as an “American bada**” and endorsed his bid. In a campaign ad released late last week, Kid Rock hailed John James for his stalwart record as a combat veteran who made himself successful before entering politics. Hey, Michigan, […]

Paul BoisOctober 24, 20203min
During the debate on Thursday night, the topic of race took center-stage, with both sides sticking to their usual talking points. Though measured, Biden virtually touted the message of Black Lives Matter activists while Trump touted his achievements on criminal justice reform. In one particularly amusing moment, the president even declared himself the “least racist […]