Paul BoisSeptember 27, 20215min
As Kamala Harris battles her flatlining approval rating, the vice president has made some new hires in her inner circle to help improve her image, including White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki’s brother-in-law. “Vice President Harris has brought on two new senior advisers in recent months as part of an effort to bolster her office’s […]

Paul BoisSeptember 16, 20214min
President Joe Biden’s administration may reportedly implement a new policy to limit the number of antibody treatments shipped to some states with high demands for it, possibly curtailing the medicine for states with Republican governors, Politico reports. According to Politico, the Biden administration is “imposing new limits on states’ ability to access to Covid-19 antibody […]

Paul BoisSeptember 7, 20214min
Pro-choicers can now count The Satanic Temple among their list of allies in the fight against the recent anti-abortion law in Texas. Two years after challenging a pro-life law in Missouri, the satanic group that claims to be little more than a collection of theatrical atheists have now “filed a letter with the U.S. Food […]

Paul BoisApril 16, 20216min
In a video posted to Twitter on Wednesday, “The Daily Show” host Noah described America’s policing as a “rotten tree,” dismissing the idea that videos of cops killing black people represent just some bad apples. Throughout his monologue, Noah acknowledged that there are good police officers in America, but seemed troubled by the notion that […]

Paul BoisApril 14, 20214min
As female athletes around the country fight to keep biological men from competing with them, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) has announced its unequivocal support for transgender student-athletes. In a statement released on Monday, the NCAA said it “unequivocally” supports the transgender community and expressed no misgivings about the real prospect of biological men […]

Paul BoisApril 11, 20214min
According to certain commentators on CNN, President Joe Biden’s policies are actually “popular” among Republican voters. During a segment Wednesday night, Don Lemon hosted a panel wherein they discussed Biden’s current initiatives on gun control and infrastructure, suggesting that his focus on getting things done will prove popular with Republicans. “The president is really tuning […]

Paul BoisJanuary 19, 20216min
Guardians of the Galaxy” director James Gunn and actor Dave Bautista have accused Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) of betraying America and committing treason for challenging the 2020 Electoral College votes. “You incited an insurrection by spreading lies you knew were lies & that you’re a traitor to your country [Ted Cruz], you freakish frog-chlamydia hybrid?” […]