Phil ShiverMarch 24, 20213min
A recently leaked Department of Homeland Security document obtained by Axios revealed that thousands of migrant children are being held in Border Patrol surge facilities longer than is legally allowed — with 823 of them being kept in the cramped, cage-like units for more than 10 days. Under current law, 72 hours is the maximum […]

Phil ShiverMarch 16, 20214min
President Joe Biden is reportedly planning the largest hike in federal taxes in almost three decades to fund a long-term economic recovery program to follow in the footsteps of the recently passed $1.9 trillion stimulus package. Unnamed sources confirmed the plans to Bloomberg News over the weekend, reportedly indicating that the major tax hike — […]

Phil ShiverMarch 13, 20214min
Democrats in Congress got a head start on their tax-increase agenda by reportedly sneaking a trio of surprise tax hikes into President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package. The spate of new taxes, which together amount to $60 billion, target wealthy and big corporations. “One takes away deductions for publicly traded companies that pay […]

Phil ShiverJanuary 29, 20214min
President Biden’s nominee for energy secretary, Jennifer Granholm, admitted Wednesday during her confirmation hearing that some jobs in the oil and gas industry may be “sacrificed” as a part the administration’s climate agenda. The exchange began when Republican Sen. John Barrasso (Wyo.), the ranking member of the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, noted […]

Phil ShiverJanuary 19, 20216min
Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) is singing a much different tune about the presence of National Guard troops in the nation’s capitol ahead of Inauguration Day. Despite previously criticizing President Trump for deploying the reserve force during last year’s Black Lives Matter protests, in recent days Speaker Pelosi used the opportunity to […]