SARAH TAYLORFebruary 18, 20214min
President Joe Biden says that he will not go along with Democrats’ proposal of canceling student loan debt beginning at $50,000. During a Tuesday night town hall event in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Biden — attending his first public event outside Washington, D.C., since taking office in January — said that he would prefer to redirect that […]

SARAH TAYLORFebruary 5, 20215min
A father and his 11-year-old transgender child have collaborated to craft a swimwear line for trans children. According to a Thursday BuzzFeed report, Jamie Alexander and his 11-year-old child, Ruby — who both live in Canada — created Rubies, which is branded as “form-fitting clothes for trans girls.” The brand includes swimwear, underwear, and more, […]

SARAH TAYLORJanuary 23, 20214min
Musician Kid Rock issued a rather unmistakable message to “far left socialist liberals and media” who want to “deprogram” supporters of President Donald Trump. Over the last several weeks, a variety of people have suggested that Trump voters should be “deprogrammed.” In November, David Atkins, California Democrats regional director and DNC member, tweeted, “No seriously […]

SARAH TAYLORJanuary 16, 20214min
Update: Hours after this story was first published, Justice Department prosecutors asked to strike the language from their court filing asserting that “the intent of the Capitol rioters was to capture and assassinate elected officials in the United States Government.” A Justice Department court filing has revealed a plan that rioters purportedly designed to “capture […]

SARAH TAYLORJanuary 6, 20216min
CNN anchor Chris Cuomo openly mocked Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) for his Christian faith, saying that “Mr. Bible Boy” has a “Bible quote for every moment.” Cuomo made the remarks after suggesting that conservatives — including Rubio, an outspoken Christian — are enabling President Donald Trump in his insistence that he won the 2020 presidential […]

SARAH TAYLORDecember 15, 20205min
Seattle officials are considering changing the current criminal code to exempt criminals from prosecution if it is deemed that suspects’ survival depended on committing acts of trespassing, theft, or assault. According to the Daily Wire on Monday, the Seattle City Council is mulling over the changes, which were first broached in October. In October, KOMO-TV […]

SARAH TAYLORDecember 5, 20208min
Actor Matthew McConaughey has blasted the “far left,” and said that the “illiberal left” is condescending, patronizing, and arrogant when it comes to dealing with conservative Americans. McConaughey recently spoke to fellow entertainer and British actor Russell Brand and discussed the attitudes of those on the “far left” when it comes to dealing with their […]