Stacey LennoxJuly 20, 202110min
Project Veritas published a video featuring a packaging engineer from Hasbro, one of the country’s largest toymakers. It contained some wild claims and cast white children as inherently racist. David Johnson shared internal Hasbro training materials based on critical race theory. The training was mandatory for all employees. The trainers discussed how Hasbro could use […]

Stacey LennoxJuly 18, 20216min
The Republican Party is changing, and voters should be encouraged by some of the people throwing their hats in the ring for 2022. Thinking about the coming election cycle, I recalled comments made by Eric Weinstein in an interview with Glenn Beck. There are a fair number of leaders in Washington, D.C., who were born […]

Stacey LennoxJanuary 25, 20219min
The Biden presidency is only a few days old, and already crucial constituencies within the Democrat coalition feel betrayed. President Joe Biden was supposed to be the consensus candidate for the Democrat Party establishment because voters viewed him as a mid-Atlantic moderate. The rest of the primary field collapsed behind him, and, like Pete Buttigieg, […]