Tristan JusticeNovember 21, 20208min
The White House unveiled its distribution plans Thursday for two coronavirus vaccines developed through Operation Warp Speed that proved effective in large-scale phase three clinical trials. The chart below shown at a White House coronavirus task force briefing outlines the administration’s logistical process to release the vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna prioritizing front-line health care […]

Tristan JusticeOctober 9, 20204min
China reportedly censored Vice President Mike Pence but not California Sen. Kamala Harris during the vice presidential debate on Wednesday. “China censored Pence’s comments on China,” Canada’s Globe and Mail Beijing Correspondent Nathan VanderKlippe reported. “Signal returned when Harris began talking again. China censored Pence’s comments on China. Signal returned when Harris began talking again. […]

Tristan JusticeSeptember 21, 20207min
PBS White House correspondent Yamiche Alcindor praised the architect of The New York Times’ anti-American “1619 Project” as a “national treasure” Thursday while President Donald Trump railed against the Times’ revisionist history infecting American classrooms before announcing the “1776 Commission” to promote patriotic education. “An important note that as President Trump gears up to attack […]

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