Victoria TaftApril 20, 20218min
Well, folks, we’re here. After years of pulling the threads from the Constitution and foundation of Western thought, telling ourselves it wouldn’t matter “this time,” or being shamed by our betters about the “fallacy” of the slippery slope, we’ve arrived to find our social fabric nearly undone. It’s over there, a tattered, stringy mass lying […]

Victoria TaftJanuary 12, 202111min
A new fauxrage has been instigated by the Left following word that Ginni Thomas, a well-known conservative and wife of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, supported Turning Point USA, which bused in Trump supporters to the “Save America Rally” last Wednesday on The Ellipse in Washington, D.C. As everyone knows, after the rally was […]

Victoria TaftJanuary 1, 202112min
Leftists working in America’s corporations and schools appear to have no compunction about using the power and prestige of their employer to amplify their personal politics. Now it’s Walmart’s turn. Google employees openly lament over the 2016 election results and vow never to let it happen again. They manipulate searches and messages to do just […]