Antifa is Finally Getting the Prosecution They Deserve


    Antifa’s fortunes are slipping away.

    After beating journalists covering riots and attacking officers trying to stop them, one Trump supporter was assassinated.

    It’s almost damn time.

    San Diego The prosecution brought charges against ten Antifa thugs for attacking a group of people who were holding a rally in support of Donald Trump at Pacific Beach on January 9, 2021.

    Members of violent Antifa were charged with plotting to riot, using teargas, and felony assault.

    A Trump supporter was allegedly struck with a stun gun.

    Antifa shock troopers in black-bloc uniforms beat, kicked, and chem-sprayed one woman.

    Antifa goons called Trump supporters “fascists”.

    Fox News reported that the ten Antifa activists were arrested Monday at Luis Francisco Mora (30); Joseph Austin Gaskins (21); Faraz Martin Talab (27) and Bryan Rivera (21). Jesse Merel Cannon (31) was also identified.

    Two other defendants were also taken into custody for the Wi Spa Riot of August. It all started when a mother witnessed a naked man walking in a Los Angeles Spa.

    On Thursday, the Antifa indictments were taken into custody by law enforcement agencies throughout Southern California.

    Antifa and BLM have attempted to paint these groups cell-like and decentralized in the past years. The prosecution followed their lead. All of them wear masks.

    According to the San Diego County Indictment the group conspired against Trump supporters at least one day prior to the planned pro-Trump event.

    The Defendants are alleged members of ANTIFA.

    It is rare for a post-woke American district attorney to speak plain English. The San Francisco, San Francisco, and Portland DAs are excused from not prosecuting violent rioters.

    San Diego has a new district attorney.

    San Diegans were spared a bullet by Summer Stephans’ election as interim DA. She was defeated by a George Soros-paid, soft-on-crime, open-up the jail’s “reformer” in 2018.

    Soros loyalists hold the top DA positions currently in California. He currently holds the highest DA position in California.

    Both targets are remembered.

    San Diego would win if Stephans had not voted for it.

    It’s high time someone had the nerve and to prosecute violence even if perpetrated by Leftist protestors, or shock troops.